Car Dealers Get Options Low Down With HPI Spec Check

MotorTrader June 9, 2016Latest News

used carsWith every new car model advertised on the television the price is always shown as from, never to or “the most you will pay.” It always states, from £25,000 or £15,000. You rarely get advised that this car with all the trimmings could cost you £45,000.

However that’s the incredible thing about market choice. Like buying motor trader insurance, you can buy several different policies, European cover, additional windscreen cover, fully comprehensive and breakdown recovery. Only car options are so much more fun.

Now that dealers have access to HPI Spec Check, all the love and care and additional options put into a car at build stage or later on, can now be checked via a simple database entry query. No more mistaken electronics upgrades or electrical additions, a complete list on the computer screen in front of you.

The HPI Spec Check details all information from when the car was built, price at manufacturer sale, the list price of individual options and a rating from five to one to show how many options on a complete scale, that have been fitted to the individual car.

Cost Options Revelations With The New HPI Spec Check

The latest HPI Spec Check stats are out. Buyers of Porsche’s Cayenne luxury SUV are big spenders when it comes to options on the car. New cars are being sold with over £10,000’s word of fitted options before they leave the factory.

The Cayenne luxury SUV can be fully kitted out online via the Porsche car configurator. A pop up window full of goodies to add to the car. Exterior colours is the easy part, then come wheel spacers, a choice of natural leather seats and then no less than ten sections for interior options and upgrades.

Most car manufacturer websites are offering options in this manner today, making spending another £10,000 or even £20,000 on a new car an easy task. Seat ventilation, lane departure warning, running boards, thermally and noise insulated privacy glass – the world’s your oyster!

Cayenne Luxury SUV And Mercedes-Benz SLK Top Options Spenders

Porsche buyers love their options, buyers of the Cayenne Luxury SUV typically spend an additional £10,000. In second place owners of the BMW X5 on average spend £8,000 on cost options. With the Mercedes Benz SLK in third with £6,290 spent on its variety of luxury end user options.

Enabling a car dealer or rental company to assess what is on board a car without manually checking everything is an efficient time saving service as well as one which can save costs in the long term.

If a dealer is reselling the car, all the options can be priced accordingly, as indeed the whole car can be. A full inventory can be gleamed and presented in its entirety with no room for mistakes being noticed after and the HPI Spec Check offers all the information at a click of a button.

For any car dealer looking to buy multiple cars on a weekly basis, the ability to check a car and price it to an end user before purchase and all previous to an auction starting is both a time management issue as well as ensuring profits can be attained continually.

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