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car-dealersIf you earn a living buying, selling, fixing or generally working with cars – even if it’s only part-time – it’s essential to have good cover. We help you find policies specially designed for small and large motor traders.

Our partners have been providing this kind of cover for years and know your business. So you can be sure you’ll get a deal and policy that’s right for your needs.

What is Motor Traders Insurance ?

To be eligible for Motor Trader Insurance, it is also vital that you have had a Full UK or European driving licence for a minimum of 12 months. As a result it is not possible to have motor trader insurance under 18 years old. Typically the minimum age is 19 because of the 12 month requirement.

There’s lots to sort out when you are starting a new business – it’s like a jigsaw.

Getting a good insurance policy is one of the pieces that need to be in place beforehand. You may think it’s a pain but then think about the huge problems your business would face without the safety net provided by good cover.

Because everybody’s situation and business circumstances are different, there are no hard and fast rules.

However, these are the minimum legal requirements that motor traders must have, though most businesses choose a higher level of protection:

Road Risks Policy: you must have a Third Party only (TPO) cover to drive your own or your customer’s vehicles on a public road;

Employers’ Liability Policy: you must have Employer’s Liability (EL) cover if you employ somebody – even if it’s a schoolboy washing cars for a few hours each week.

Our partners will be pleased to advise you what policy/policies best suit your new business and then work out a customised quote for you.

You’ll find lots of extra features in many of the policies on offer.

You could get:

Demonstration, social, domestic and pleasure use for all named drivers
Full theft cover
Possibility to include your second occupation
Lots of easy ways to pay
Large no claims bonus given
Only part bonus lost after a claim
Option to use either private or commercial bonus from previous insurer

Choose which policy best suits your needs:

Third Party Only
Third Party, Fire & Theft
Motor Trader’s Combined

If you operate a business however small that sell, buys or repairs motor vehicles, this type of policy is truly vital for you. The right cover protects the owners of the business and/or the employees of the business from financial loss that may occur as a result of an accident. Motor trader insurance is a essential for any professional motor business.

However, because not every business is same, there are several different options for motor trader insurance.


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