HPI Checks are an essential service

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New_HPI_Logo2It may be hard to get value for money these days, but a few quid spent offering customers and used car buyers a HPI check will mean you’ll know you’ve bagged bargain.

For just a few quid, you can have a deluge of details about any vehicle (car or motorbike) in the UK on your mobile phone or PC.

If you’re customers are in the market for a used car, they’ll of course be looking for the best deal for their money. The money spent on a HPI check could turn out to be the shrewdest investment of them all.

A HPI check will provide information on the vehicle’s identity, finance, security, mileage, insurance and much more.

Has the car or bike ever been reported stolen, written off or have outstanding finance on it? Does the mileage on the dashboard tally up with the DVLA’s records? Has the vehicles colour or registration been changed over the years?

Check a Used cars History

used car historyThousands of stolen cars & motorbikes make their way into the used car market every year. If you are unlucky enough to unwittingly buy one and sell one to a customer, then you could lose the vehicle as quickly as you’ve driven off in it if the police manage to trace it. You’ll also, more than likely, lose the money you paid for it.

Cars which have been previously written off by insurance company can also end up being sold on after a quick fix-up. Buying one can put your safety and that of your passengers at risk because there is no way of telling if the repairs have been verified.

If you manage to snap up a car or motorbike which one of the previous owners still owes money on, things could get messy. A shrewd motortrader will make sure they don’t fall foul of this pitfall. The ownership of cars with outstanding finance can assumed by the bank or finance company involved, so you’ll never really own it, despite forking out your hard earned cash for it.

With a HPI check, you’ll also be able to find out a car’s VIN or chassis number. This will allow you learn the vehicle’s true identity and see if it matches the one that is on offer. The car or bike may have had a paint job or a few plate changes in a bid to mask a murky past. If its identity has been changed, then a buyer should exercise caution or at least ask the seller why it’s had the odd facelift or two.

Don’t wait until it’s too late before uncovering a car’s murky past – protect your investments and the reputation of your motortrade business.

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