London low-emission scheme to include diesel vans

MotorTrader August 12, 2015Help & Guides

electric commercial vehicleTHE cost of traveling into London could follow for many van drivers as the city’s new Ultra Low-Emission looks set to include some diesel vans as well as electric commercial vehicles.

From July 1 this year, all electric vehicles will be eligible for a 100% on the London Congestion Charge and vans with ultra-low emissions could also be in line for such a discount.

As things stand now, only purely electric vans can claim the discount, but the new Ultra Low Emission Discount (ULED) is set to be extended to vans which use diesel.

Vehicles which will now be eligible for the ULED include vans with CO2 emissions which are lower than 75g/km and which also adhere to the Euro 5 emission standard for air quality.

Hybrid vans will also benefit from the discount, as long as they have a minimum range of 10 miles while being run in electric mode and have a maximum speed of at least 50mph.

While this may seem good news for commercial vehicle drivers looking to save a few quid, there are no vans which fall into either of those categories.

The best any manufacturers have been able to muster is the 87g/km on offer from the Ford Fiesta van while the Vauxhall Corsavan CDTi ecoFLEX, with start/stop system, boasts a generous 83.1mpg. As yet, no manufacturer has managed to get a plug-in hybrid van on the market although the motortrade is eager to see development of this tech.

Still, advances in lower emissions technology have been rapid in recent years and with this latest inducement, it only seems a matter of time before the magical mark of 75g/km is reached.

Any vehicles previously registered for the Greener Vehicle Discount (GVD) will be eligible for the ULED, which replaces the current scheme when it comes into effect at the start of July.

London already operates an Electric Vehicle Discount and any pure electric vans which comes under this scheme will automatically be eligible for the ULED.

A full list of eligible vehicles will be published on the Transport for London website.

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