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mitsubishi-l200Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (at least that’s what we’ve been told anyway!), but the venerable L200 has become a favourite amongst motortraders and tradesmen in particular and with good reason. A pick-up truck may not spring to mind when you think of easy-on-the-eye vehicles, but there is something strangely alluring about the Mitsubishi L200.

Interest in pick-ups has really, well, picked up in the UK over recent years and with more and more on the market, it’s becoming harder to stand out.

The Mitsubishi L200 doesn’t suffer from this and represents a new breed of pick-ups which are practical, yet stylish and comfortable.

The pick-up truck may be viewed as an all American phenomenon, but Japan is churning millions of these bad boys out every year. The Mitsubishi L200 is a perfect mix of Stateside panache and Oriental reliability.

Mitsubishi modernising the pick-up truck

Mitsubishi has done more than most manufacturers to modernise the pick-up truck. Where they have led, Toyota, Ford and Nissan have generally followed. Innovation, especially in the area of safety will always be a big plus point when it comes to comparing traders insurance.

The double cab on the L200 does eat into the cargo space a little, but this is an Mitsubishi are seeking to improve on with newer models
Some older models may be showing their age a little, but their reliability has seen them thrive in the second-hand market. The first L200s rolled off the production line in the 1970s and the model has seen many innovations over the year which has seen them retain their appeal for both personal and commercial use.

Smooth operator

For such a big hunk of metal, the L200 sure is light on its feet. It really comes into its own off-road, contemptuously cutting through muddy terrain, steeps slopes and water.

The rather primitive turbo diesel takes nothing away from its on-road performance either and although the seated area is quite high up, it moves pretty well. This, of course, also gives it good ground clearance. The L200 also boasts a low range gearbox and first rate axle articulation.

It may have lost out in power in recent years to rival models such as the Nissan Navara, but the Mitsubishi L200 still has plenty of oomph. It comes in two engine options – the 138bhp, for more flexible use and the 2.5 litre turbo diesel for all-out power.

The L200 has been a healthy operator in the double-cab pick-up market, shifting over 8800 in 2040. That accounted for 40% of the market, further illustrating its broad appeal. It is a great multi-purpose vehicle, perfect for transporting anything from garden equipment and waste to heavier construction materials and tools.

Pick-ups aren’t exactly the planet’s best friend and with a fuel consumption of 29.5 mpg, the L200 does lag behind other models in this regard. But where it does excel is its superior loading capacity, which equates to fewer trips in the long run.

With the famed Mitsubishi reliability, you’ll like the look of the L200. You’ll also like the look of the motor trade insurance quotes we find for you.

So just fill out our simple quote form and let do the rest as you explore the comfort of your L200.

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